SteelCentral Aternity
A different approach to monitor IT infrastructure

Diwega hilft Ihnen lästige Probleme schnell zu erkennen und die richtigen Hebel in Bewegung zu setzen damit Sie das Potential Ihrer Applikationen ausschöpfen können.
Überwachen Sie das Nutzererlebnis jeder Unternehmensanwendung in Ihrem Portfolio auf jedem physischen, virtuellen oder mobilen Gerät mit Hilfe von "SteelCentral Aternity - ein anderer Ansatz, um IT Infrastrukturen zu überwachen".

Diwega und Riverbed - Eine unschlagbare Kombination

"This could be you."

"You are an IT leader or an application owner."

"You work day and night but still have some problems."

"Infrastructure looks OK, but users complain?"
"- Applications perform slowly"
"- No time to find the root cause of a problem"
"- Loose money because of unproductivity"

"You are tired of all these troubles and you are not able to solve them by yourself?"

"Our professional team is ready to assist you and find the best solution for your problems."

"Riverbed Aternity! A different approach to monitor IT."
"- Diagnose user experience for any app and device."
"- Troubleshoot the cause of slow boot and log-on times."

"- Diagnose problems in your infrastructure, assess impact of changes on business activity and more."

"Now you can be sure that your problems are in reliable hands and your users will be happy again."

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